The candidating process for a pastor

How do you maintain a quality relationship with your wife/husband? How does your family feel about the possibility of your ministry move? How do you function as the spiritual leader of your family? What would you identify as your passion in ministry? What is the most enjoyable part of your current ministry position? Describe your spiritual gifts and how the Lord utilizes them in ministry. In what areas of ministry do you feel most experienced and competent? What role do you see evangelism playing in a believer's life?

What are your views on the relationship between: the staff, the board of elders, and the board of deacons? How do you identify the need for and go about developing a new area of ministry? How do you supervise, motivate and develop staff, interns and lay leaders?

Most questions can be asked of a candidate applying for any pastoral position.

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Large churches are increasingly hiring staff with consideration not merely to a resume or theological statement, but also various technological and human-metric resources.In my role I've found that ministerial candidates who believe it is enough to have an MDiv, a resume, and a few sermon MP3s will continue to be frustrated and disappointed by the job application process.That process wasn’t all that effective 20 years ago, either, when it was more common before technological advances.But sometimes these lessons are not learned until one is planted in the church and no longer in the classroom.This article is concerned primarily with the candidating sermon and is written with the seminarian in mind. How do you balance your life between family and ministry?


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