Dating a lane cedar chest

In many cultures, a young girl planning for her future wedding would begin collecting treasured items for her wedding chest, including hand-embroidered linens and delicate underwear.

Characterized by its sleek styling and quality construction, Lane Furniture has been an iconic American brand since 1912.

So, thinking he could get more money for them at their Decorative Arts sale, he pulled them.

Well, two weeks later, they were back in the regular sale. In Googling, I found a lot of these small chests, and in some instances they were being sold as “saleman’s samples.” But even more were being sold as they were meant to be. began distributing the free chests, which came with locks, in the 1930s when young women fresh out of high school had marriage on their minds, according to Wikipedia.

Beloved by many a middle class family adorning their homes in the bustling post-war times, modern fans are seeing these pieces on the sets of shows like “Mad Men.” Beautifully designed with sturdy materials, a Lane piece can be the cherry on top of any collection.

Hope chests are nothing new; they’ve been around at least since the 1700s and their purpose has changed little over the centuries.

Said to deter moths and other insects, the sweet, distinct smell of cedar is usually what one associates with this large chest.

Cedar chests are usually placed in the bedroom, often times at the foot of the bed.

If you have never informed your readers of this service think about it – maybe save a life.

I have no interest in Lane, and I am not employed by Lane.


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