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Virginie (César Award winner Hafsia Herzi) goes about her work as a prostitute with a cool detachment, trading sex with wealthy businessmen for money, but never getting emotionally involved.That all changes when she meets Rupert (Ash Stymest), an enigmatic stranger with unclear intentions.There, Vincenzo works his way up to the top of the Mafia.One day, his youngest son makes a mistake and has to leave town.

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There is no kissing in it, which Dunst explained was a conscious choice."We wanted to make it something unique and a little shocking," the veteran star told E!

So, they shoot him 47 times and send a *very* attractive woman to distract his son from his casino work.

Will he fall for her or will he return to Diane, who, by the way, had run for President successfully in the meantime?

When these movies do show sex it is always in service of the story, and always in order to challenge, subvert, or celebrate contemporary beliefs about sexuality.

Undeniably sexy and amusing at once, Woody Allen’s 2008 Spain-set dramedy delights in pushing its various players into all sorts of romantic permutations and configurations.


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