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In some ways, feminist men disrupt this image, challenging notions of “man-hating” and causing folks to reconsider stereotypical notions they might hold about feminism.

Put more comfort behind every stride toward your next PR.

Women want to be settling down by their late 20s and 30s.

For the over 40s cuddling and kissing takes the top spot, as reported in "Sexual Satisfaction and Relationship Happiness in Midlife and Older Couples in Five Countries." Further, the report noted that "Longer relationship duration predicted greater relationship happiness and sexual satisfaction for men.

"Men like curves" and "real women have curves" have become a clichés. And because the media constantly reminds me that men like curves, from "Anaconda" to "All About That Bass," doing away with my curves through my eating disorder seemed like a form of rebellion (though not one that I'd advocate).

The tendency for both men and women to reassure women with eating disorders that men like curves comes from an insidious assumption made throughout our culture that women's decisions are based on men.

My eating disorder was about everything and nothing.

It brought up issues of control, self-loathing, perfectionism, and spiritual hunger. And it certainly wasn't traceable to the desire to attract men.

Within the 15 acres of hills is a nature and jogging trail.The first reaction is not the one I’m concerned about; it’s the second one.In the second instance, my conversation partner reacts as if Mother Teresa herself has suddenly risen from the grave and is performing a lively tap-dance routine in front of him/her, top hat and all.So, to the men out there who want to reassure me that they like curves, thank you for your concern, but I don't need your approval. When I’m meeting someone for the first time, no matter who they are, this conversation always seems to happen in one of two ways.Many of these folks, and especially women, exhibit a mix of surprise and appreciative awe, telling me what a good person I am or how I’m “fighting the good fight” or that “I’m brave” for being outspoken about my feminist perspectives despite being a man.


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