Deadline for validating european patent

The source text will always be in one of the three official languages of the EPO: English, German or French.

Once the application text has been approved for Once the application text has been approved for the grant, the patent claims must be translated into the two other official languages in order to complete the grant formalities.

The purpose of this page is to explain these steps and give an idea of the likely time scales and costs.

Next step is to get it validated in each country where you seek protection, which requires time consuming and burdensome translations formalities. Validate your European Patent in every country where you seek to benefit from it.Dennemeyer helps you generate efficiency gains on time by handling the validation of your granted European patents in all relevant countries.A copy of the specification is attached to the communication, usually including amendments proposed by the Examiner.The applicant must reply to the European Patent Office to indicate either that the text of the specification is approved, or that it is not approved, or that it is not approved and proposing amendments.In the latter case, if the amendments are not acceptable, further examination is likely.


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