Updating urpmi database

Try to ask your questions in the right sub-forum with as much details as you can gather. If not, you can define a certain mirror in the MCC You can find a list of possible mirrors here: Choose a mirror in your vicinity and one with a possible fast connection (university for example)Hope this helps (and sorry for my bad english)cheers, Bernd I am sorry for not responding to your helpful suggestions sooner.the more precise the question will be, the more likely you are to get a useful answer Installation failed, some files are missing: rsync://mageia.jameswhitby.net/mirror/mageia/distrib/4/i586/media/core/updates/libmpfr4-3.1.2-2.1.mga4.i586rsync://mageia.jameswhitby.net/mirror/mageia/distrib/4/i586/media/core/updates/curl-7.34.0-1.5.mga4.i586rsync://mageia.jameswhitby.net/mirror/mageia/distrib/4/i586/media/core/updates/libcurl4-7.34.0-1.5.mga4.i586You may need to update your urpmi database. I tell it to try (Yes) and then get this:1 installation transactions failed There was a problem during the installation:...retrieving failed: rsync failed: exited with 23How do I go about solving this problem? Firefighter Hi Firefighter,from my experience this is mostly a glitch with the mirror. I drive a truck and I am away from the computer for long periods of time. Waiting did solve this problem and now all is well and updated properly.Thanks to Aubrey Kloppers for creating a Raspberry Pi installer.See his link on the discussion forum - Thanks to Tom Roth for creating a way to install rompr from Docker - https://github.com/rawdlite/docker-rompr Romp R is a client for mpd or mopidy - you use Romp R in a web browser to make mpd or mopidy play music.

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For example you may post here all your questions about getting Mageia isos and installing it, configuring your printer, using your word processor etc.

This could happen when the application accessing the database terminated abnormally. Obviously, for error "urpmi database locked", you need to remove file in /var/lib/urpmi/.

To overcome this problem, you have to remove the lock files manually. LOCK and afterthat if you receive error "rpm database locked", you need to remove the other one.

It wraps around the RPM Package Manager (RPM) package manager so that the user will not suffer the often-encountered urpmi was developed as an experiment by Pascal Rigaux (Pixel) to address RPM install limitations; it was further maintained by Fran├žois Pons and different Mandriva employees.

It is currently (2010-2013) maintained by Thierry Vignaud who was the maintainer of rpmdrake and one of the co-maintainers of the drakx installer and tools at Mandriva before he continued doing that job at Mageia.


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