Are amy poehler and adam scott dating

It’s kind of an interesting – it’s kind of a big episode.But I’ll say that everybody has a job to fill of the main cast.

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Adam Scott: I didn’t at all, I just met him that at that audition. But then a couple years later when I went in, we had a meeting when I came in to meet him for this go-round, and we got along really well.I met Tilda Swinton a few years ago, and I grabbed her a little too tightly.There’s lots of people who I am very excited to meet, and they are often not famous. Let’s say Tilda Swinton was an exciting one, I’m a big fan of hers. I’m at work so I had to sneak into the bathroom to write this. Stuck in a small town full of idiots, no idea where I wanted my life to go and more than anything just feeling alone and like a failure. You, the cast and writers, fully turned my year around–maybe my life.He’s a really nice guy and we kind of have similar tastes in television and movies and music.You know, we’re just kind of like, nerds in our 30s.We just finished a movie called ‘The Nest’ that is coming out next year! There’s ones that I loved growing up, like ‘Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer’ with Phil Hartman, and the ‘Sweeney Sisters,’ and then there were ones that I got to do, and then there are ones I see right now…


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