Picture sharing chat rooms cross dressing and dating

DO NOT SHARE ANY identifying information with strangers. In reality, just because they SAY they are in Scotland or wherever, there is no way to know where or who those people are.. You do not know the small clues those people pick up on to start figuring out who you are and where you live! yes, but on facebook people have to know you OR they have to randomly find you. Don't get me wrong, I know not everyone in a chatroom is a perv., but the point is that you do NOT have any connection to them other than you are just online at the same time, so no chance of filtering out the creeps... On top of that, you do not want anyone photoshopping your face onto other pictures with you doing some nasty things, etc. Stay safe, don't share anything unless you know the person! Is it dangerous if a person knows your country and how you look ? I use kik messenger to talk to strangers sometimes and might send them a picture of myself sometimes.Is it dangerous if a person knows your country and how you look ? what are the things that could happen (pleass post sensible answers) should i stop sending normal face pictures to people i do not know or is it safe to at least do that?Ever sign-in to your favorite messaging app only to find out that your friends aren't available to chat?

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