Pivot table not updating refresh

Rather than using copy and then paste values, however, a better way for many purposes is to create some hidden columns or a whole hidden sheet that copies values using simple formulae.

The copy-paste approach isn't very useful when the original pivot table gets refreshed.

For instance, if Sheet1 contains the original pivot table, then: Personally, I got around this in a slightly different way - I had a pivot table querying an SQL server source and I was using the timeline slicer to restrict the results to a date range - I then wanted to summarise the pivot results in another table.

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Display text in the data area of a pivot table Repeat row field headings Error when grouping dates Preserve formatting when refreshing Make data fields appear side-by-side Turn off Get Pivot Data formula Change default from COUNT to SUM Show Pivot Table headings at top of each printed page You can't display text data in the data area of a Pivot Table.

Here is a collection of VBA codes to work with Pivot Tables: 1. Refer to a Pivot Table Field directly within a VBA Macro 5.

Refer to a Pivot Table directly within a VBA Macro 4.

the second approach is actually what you tried here.. If you say no, this Pivot Table gets its own cache and doubles the size of the source data.

In certain circumstances you might want to differentiate between a Pivot Table and its Pivot Cache.


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